Sectionals Under $500

Sectionals under $500, is it possible? Yes. But Are you worried about how to buy the best sectional couch within your specific budget? In this review, We have picked 10 of the best sectionals based on my successful research that you will love.

Upholstered Sectional Sofa sets

Upholstered Sectional Sofa is one of our selected high quality living room furniture. The attractive variety of this upholstered sectional sofaset, the making materials and the modern design will surely touch your heart.

The upholstered sectional sofa is the latest addition to the Poundex company and it is one of the best selling sofasets in the Poundex company.

This Upholstered Sectional Sofa is at the top of the market position for durability and comfort. The seats on this sofa are filled with high quality foam.

The seats are furnished with a very high quality fabric like linen. The stain resistance and wearability of the fabric is much higher.

Product Features:

  • The pillow can be easily removed to maintain the beauty of the sofa.

  • There is a velcro on the back of the sofa which keeps the sofa convenient.

  • Effective for all living rooms, apartments, waiting rooms, houses.

  • This Pondex sofa can be assembled very easily.

  • The 3 pieces of sofa hold the connector firmly.

  • The sofa comes with a reverse chase lounge.

  • All equipment with the sofa is included with the sofa.

  • The living room sofaset is included with the wearability and beauty.

  • The dimensions of the sofa are 105 * 76 * 35 inches.

Colors: 3 colors are available.

  • Chocolate
  • Grey
  • Sand

Material: Fabric.

Summary: We have chosen for your living room considering all the features of this sofa materials, price, frame, fabric, comfort, number of seats etc.

During the selection of sectional sofas under $500, we have noticed some important things, firm and comfortable, making materials, high quality, durability, price, and customer reviews.

Cheap Sectional Sofa Couch 4-seat Reversible

Are you looking for good quality cheap sectional sofa for your large-size living space? Then this 4 seat sofa set is for you.

There are two types of this sofa available in the market today. One is made of fabric and another is made of high-quality leather.

Two types of sofa sets are made of very good quality material. You can decorate your living space with anyone you want.

The coach of this is very strong and comfortable. This sofa set is suitable for all types of apartments, condos, lofts, bungalows, houses.

The sectional sofa is made of high-quality soft, durable, non-peeling fabric. It is very easy to setup.
The frame of this sofa is made of very wood and it is a 4 seat reversible sectional sofa.

Cheap Sectional Sofa Couch 4-seat Reversible

This living room set has seat cushions with pocket coils and serpentine fountains.
This couch has storage bags on both sides so you can keep small size essentials.

This L-shaped sofa has a matching storage ottoman. You can use the storage ottoman as an extra seat.
It has a retro chaise lounge and the hardwood frame of this set is covered with soft fabric.

Another feature of the sofa is overstuffed back cushions and seat cushions full of foam. This sofa set provides ample seating and allows guests and family to sit and talk together.

The sectional sofa chaise of it can be easily separated and the cushion cover of this sofa can be washed and removed.

The dimensions of this sectional sofa are 36.6Hx102Wx50D Inches. It is available in 3 colors. The colors are blue-gray, brown skin, dark gray.

Overall, this 4 seater sectional sofa is perfect for large families or those who have more guests.

The price of this couch is cheap compared to the quality and very comfortable for the length and there is extra choice / ottoman with a storage.

The sofa cushions feel good. We reviewed all aspects of this sofa and found no bad aspects, so that You can definitely buy sectional couch for your living space.


Poundex Sectional Sofas/ Sectionals

This Poundex Sectional Sofa is one of our favorites. If you are looking for strong, comfortable, durable and elegant cheap sectional sofas then this sofa is for you.

Poundex Sectional Sofas/ Sectionals

The frame of this sofa is made of very hard wood and linen-like polyfabric is used in the sofa. This sectional sofa will give your living room a classic look.

This sectional sofa looks exactly like the picture. This sofa provides ample seating for all your family members and guests to sit together and watch TV or talk.

This sofa couch is available in 2 colors. Sofa of every color is very nice to look at which is perfect for the living room.


  • This Sofa Seat Cushion Filled with foam and inner Spring

  • durability and comfort

  • Tufted Seat and Back of this sectional sofa

  • Sofa made with high quality linen-like poppy fabric.

  • wearability, seam strength, beauty and comfort

  • This sofa reversible Chaise on the left or right configuration

  • This sofa has a matching storage ottoman


Reversible L/R Chaise: 75x 34x 35 Inches ;

Sofa: 70 x 34x 35 Inches

Ottoman: 35 x 24 x 19 Inches

COLOR: 2 colors are available

  • Gray

  • Black

PRICE: Check Price On Amazon

We have selected the sectional sofa after reviewing all aspects of this sofa and customer feedback. This sofa is very comfortable and durable.

The sofa is also very nice to look at so the sofa in your room will look great. The price is much cheaper than the quality of the sofa.

You can purchase this sectional sofa for your living room without any worries. This sectional sofa is suitable for all rooms, small or large. View more our wide selection of top-rated living room furniture

Sectional Sofa Couch HONBAY Convertible

Are you looking for a good quality cheap sectional sofa of small or medium size for your living room, a small apartment, or waiting room? Then this sectional sofa is the best for you.

Sectional Sofa Couch HONBAY Convertible

It is a reversible chaise sectional couch. The modern design of this sectional sofa and its beauty will make your waiting room and living room more beautiful and attractive.

As a result, the waiting room or living room will not look more beautiful and attractive, a lot of money will be wasted.

However, you should not worry about this L-Shaped Convertible Sectional Couch.
Because we have taken the opinion of many customers about this sofa, we have reviewed all the materials of the sofa in a very perfect way.

We didn’t find anything to dislike about this sectional sofa. All the materials of this sectional are very good quality and durable.

If you buy this sectional sofa, you will have no worries for 10/12 years for your living room or waiting room. The sectional sofa is very interesting to look at.

This sectional couch is available in different interesting colors. This sectional sofa is made of very high quality and durable soft linen fabric so its seat is very comfortable which will not hurt your body even if you are sitting continuously.

Another feature of this sofa is that it can be easily moved from one place to another as the sofa set is quite light in weight.

It is made of a very hard wooden frame so there is no possibility of cracking or breaking.
You can remove these sectionals cushions as you wish and this sectional sofa is also very easy to clean.

It is one of the best-selling sofa sets in the market today and it is very easy to assemble.
Each component of the sectional sofa is of high quality, the price of the sectional can be said to be cheaper than the quality of the material.

It has dimensions of 78.5 * 30.3 * 35 inches and weighs 660 pounds. The price of this cheap sectional sofa is within the reach of everyone.

We found nothing to dislike about this sectional sofa. We have selected this sofa after many reviews.

I would like to give a 5 star review for this sofa because all the materials of this sofa are very high quality, durable and also very attractive to look at.

I would recommend buying this sectional sofa for your living room as this sofa is cheaper than other sofasets in terms of price and one of the best sectional sofa in the market in terms of quality.

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