Living Room Sets Under $300

Living room sets under $300, is it possible? Yes. But are you worried about how you can choose the best living room sets within your budget? Don’t worry, We have picked 10 of the best living room sets in this review based on my successful research which prices are under $300 .

Under $300, during the selection of living room sets we have noticed high quality, brand, fabrics, durability, firm and comfortable, making materials, price, customer reviews.

10 Best Living Room Sets Under $300

Under $300, selected all the living room sets are very nice to look at, high quality fabric, long lasting and comfortable which will make your living room great and more attractive.

1. HONBAY Convertible Living Room Sectional Sofa Set

When you search on google for the best living room sets under $300, you will find many living room sets of different sizes and colors. Honbay convertible sectional sofa will be the best one of them.

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It is elegant, great and most attractive of all selected living room sets. It is one of the best selling sofa sets for living room of HONBAY company and made of high quality durable material.


It is very comfortable with its ergonomic shape and thick foam that will give you good fell to sit and also a peaceful sleep.

2. Shintenchi Living Room Sectional Couch with Reversible Chaise

For high quality Wood, Metal, and linen fabric Shintenchi sectional couch is highly recommended one. I believe, without this living room sectional set, my research on living room sets under $300 will not be successful.

It caught our eye because it has reversible chaise, made with high quality material and enough seating capacity for guests.

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3. Walsunny Convertible Living Room Set Under $300

Walsunny sectional sofa is a great option for your living room which features “chrome Legs and Black Faux. It is one of the best selling sofa sets of Walsunny company and made of high quality durable faux leather.

4. JY QAQA Living Room Sectional Couch with Ottoman

JY QAQA sectional sofa with ottoman is another great option for your living room which is priced under $300 and features “chrome Legs and Black Faux Leather”.

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5. Belffin Living Room Convertible Sectional Sofa Couch with Chaise

Belffin convertible sectional with chaise occupies the 5th position in our review of the top 10 best Living Room Sets under $300 lists. It comes with a sectional which is enough to handle some guests without taking a lot of space.

6. Mjkone Living Room Set with Ottoman Under $300

Mjkone living room sectional sofa set with ottoman from Mjkone will provide a very comfortable sitting area for everyone and a convenient storage station. Its clean-lined design and gray overall color make it fit for a modern decor perfectly.

Particularly, If you want a decent sectional sofa for your living room with a spacious seating capacity, then this one will serve you the best.

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7. ZINUS Jackie Living Room Sofa Couch Set

We selected this ZINUS Jackie Couch set as our pick for the best cheap living room sets under $300. It is made of high quality and durable faux leather.

8. Lifestyle Solutions Grayson Living Room Sofa Set

Grayson Lifestyle Sofa set occupies the 8th position in our review of the top 10 best Living Room Sets under $300 lists, which is a great choice to update the furniture of your living room.

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9. Divano Roma Living Room Furniture Set Under $300

Divano Roma furniture Set can be a surprise for your living room. It is perfect for all sizes of living space. The set includes one chair and sofa with a very plush flannel upholstery and dazzling chrome legs.

10. JAMFLY 78” Living Room 3-seat Convertible Sectional Sofa Set

JAMFLY Convertible sectional sofa with chaise from JAMFLY company is our last best pick. It should ideally provide you with great features, quality, and durability, without blowing your budget.

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