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Living Room Sets Under $300

Living room sets under $300, is it possible? Yes. But are you worried about how you can choose the best living room sets within your budget? Don’t worry.

In this review, we have picked 10 of the best living room sets based on my successful research and whose prices are under $300.

We have selected all the living room sets based on brand, sofa frame, high-quality materials, customer reviews, comfort, style, durability, and price that you will love.

Our Top 3 Picks

01. HONBAY Convertible Living Room Sofa Set

HONBAY Convertible Living Room Sectional Sofa Set

Why We Choose It?

  • Easy to assemble and no tools needed.
  • comfortable sectional couch.
  • easy to clean, and durable.  
  • Cushions are nice and firm.
  • Removable cover
  • Arms are soft and fabric creates a classic look.
  • Made with high quality materials and soft linen fabric.

02. Shintenchi Living Room Sectional Couch

Shintenchi Living Room Sectional Couch with Reversible Chaise

Why We Choose It?

  • convertible L-shaped sectional sofa couch
  • Reversible chaise.
  • Linen upholstery fabric
  • Cushions are nice, firm, and comfortable.
  • Easy to assembly and no needed tools.
  • sturdy wood frame.

03. Lifestyle Solutions Grayson Living Room Set

Lifestyle Solutions Grayson Living Room Sofa Set

Why We Choose It?

  • Removable Cushions.
  • made from premium microfabric and a sturdy wood frame.
  • No tools are required, and it is easy to assemble.
  • suitable for a variety of spaces and styles.
  • The couch is comfortable and great for small spaces.

The 10 Best Living Room Sets Under $300

Under $300, selected living room sets are very nice to look at, firm, high quality, long-lasting, and comfortable, which will make your living room more great and attractive. Let’s take a look.

1. HONBAY Convertible Living Room Sofa Set

When you search on google for the best living room sets under $300, you will find many living room sets of different sizes and colors. Honbay convertible sectional sofa will be the best one of them.

HONBAY convertible living room sofa set is elegant, great and the most attractive of all selected living room sets. It is one of the best selling sofa sets for living room of HONBAY company and is made of high quality, durable material.

Key Features:

  • Easy to assemble and no tools needed.
  • Easy to clean and durable.
  • plush fabric creates a classic look.
  • Made with high quality Soft linen fabric.

Colors: 2 colors are available

  • Light grey
  • Dark Grey

Measurements: 78.5 x 30.3  x 35 Inch
Frame: Solid hardwood

Summary: Honbay convertible living room sofa set is very comfortable with its ergonomic shape and thick foam that will give you good fell to sit and also a peaceful sleep.

You can feel free to purchase this set for your living room or waiting room. We would highly recommend you purchase this living room set.

2. Shintenchi Living Room Sectional Couch with Reversible Chaise

Shintenchi convertible L-shaped 3-seat sectional couch with reversible chaise is a great option for your living room.

The attractive variety and modern design of this living room sofa set will surely touch your heart.

Living Room Set Under 300

I believe, without this living room set, my research on living room sets under $300 will not be successful.

Key Features:

  • Brand: Shintenchi
  • Dimensions: 50″D x 78.7″W x 33″H
  • Color: Black, Chocolate, Dark Grey, Light Brown, Light Grey.
  • Style: Modern
  • Special Feature: Reversible Chaise
  • Linen Upholstery Fabric
  • Seating Capacity: 3
  • L-Shape

It caught our eye because it has a reversible chaise, is made with high quality material, and has enough seating capacity for guests.

Summary: This Shintenchi living room set is great and incomparable, with a delightful couch that is effective for watching television.

3. Lifestyle Solutions Grayson Living Room Sofa Set

The Grayson lifestyle sofa set occupies the 3rd position in our review of the top 10 best living room sets under $300 list, which is a great choice to update the furniture of your living room.

It is perfect for all sizes of living rooms and waiting rooms. This sofa set is made of 100% polyester upholstery microfiber, and good quality hardwood frames have been used.

The seat of this sofa is made of high-density foam, which guarantees long-term use. You can buy this sofa without any worries.

Key Features:

  • Made with hardwood frame and natural wood legs.
  • 100% polyester upholstery microfiber material.
  • Seating foam and back foam are high density for long time use.
  • Easy to assemble.

Color: 3 colors are available.

  • Black
  • Brown
  • Dark grey

Material: High-quality fabric.
Dimension: 80.33232.68
Frame: Solid hardwood.

Summary: I didn’t find anything to dislike about this Grayson living room set. It is very useful for the whole family to sit together and talk.

This Grayson living room set is durable and comfortable for both sitting and lying on the sofa.

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4. Walsunny Convertible Living Room Set Under $300

The Walsunny convertible sectional sofa is a great option for your living room and features a reversible chaise lounge.

It is one of the Walsunny Company’s best-selling sofa sets, and it is made of high-quality modern linen fabric.

Cushions are nice and firm, and you never have to worry about sinking in. It is perfect for any living room, small apartment, and more.

You can place the ottoman on either side of the sofa as you wish. Cushion covers are removable for washing.

Key Features:

  • Made with high quality modern linen fabric.
  • L-Shaped sectional sofa couch with Reversible Chaise.
  • Space Saving and Easy to assemble.
  • Pretty comfortable to sleep on.
  • Easy to clean and removeable for washing.

Colors: 3 colors are available

  • Light grey
  • Brown
  • Dark Grey

Couch weight capacity: 660 lbs.

Measurements: 27.56″ x 77.55″ x 35.4″(D,W,H) Inch

Frame: Solid hardwood

Summary: We have selected this Walsunny sectional sofa for you considering all the aspects of the materials, customer reviews, and price.

The Walsunny sectional sofa is incomparable in quality, and you can decorate your waiting room, living room with this sofa set if you want.

We would recommend that you purchase this Walsunny living room sectional sofa. We did not find any bad aspects of this Walsunny sectional sofa.

5. JY QAQA Living Room Sectional Couch with Ottoman

Another great option for your living room is the JY-QAQA sectional sofa with ottoman, which is priced under $300 and has features such as reversible chaise and a hardwood frame.

This JY QAQA reversible sectional sofa with a movable ottoman. According to your house and preferences, you can place the ottoman.

Another great features of this couch are the seat cushions and back cushions are removable with zippers.

Key Features:

  • It is Firm, Comfortable, movable ottoman
  • Hardwood frame with padded cushions and foam seat.
  • 3-Seat L-Shaped Space Saving Convertible sectional couch.
  • Contemporary and super easy to assemble.
  • Easy to assemble and makes your life more comfortable.
  • Cushions are removable and washable (seat cushions and back cushions).

Colors: 4 colors are available

  • Light grey
  • Dark Beige
  • Brown
  • Dark Grey

Couch weight capacity: 660 lbs.

Measurements: (50)D x (77.85)W x (35.43)H

Frame: Solid hardwood

Summary: Considering all the aspects of this sofa, we have chosen it for the living room. All the materials of this sofa are of very high quality.

You can purchase this sectional couch for your living space without any hesitation.

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6. Rivet Revolve Living Room Modern Upholstered Sofa Set

Rivet Revolve upholstered Sofa Set would be worth your consideration, if you are looking for the best living room sets under $300.

For your convenience, we have reviewed all aspects of this sofas very well. 95% of customers commented positively on this sofa. All customers are satisfied with the materials used to make this sofa.

You will not get pain in your back or spine even if you are sitting on this sofa continuously. The unique feature of this sofa is its reversible chaise.

You can enhance the beauty of your living room by placing this reversible choice on the left hand or right hand as you wish. The seat of this sectional sofa is made of very high quality fabric so the seat is very strong and comfortable.
Product Features:

  • Modern upholstered rivet revolving sofa
  • It is a reversible chaise sectional sofaset
  • Made with high quality hard wood frame and very durable polyester fabric.
  • This sofa is very interesting to look at which enhances the beauty of the living room.
  • The seats on the sofa are quite soft, resulting in a comfortable feeling.
  • A very strong spring has been used under the sofa seat.
  • The pillows allow you to place them as you wish on the sofa.
  • The price is much cheaper than modern design and sofa materials.
  • The sofa is capable of carrying extra load so there is no fear of breaking.
  • This living room sofa furniture is easy to set up.
  • The reversible chaise can be placed on the left or right side of the sofa to adjust the layout of the room.

Sofa Dimensions: 99.9 * 34.6 * 35.4 inches
Ottoman Dimensions: 79.9 ″ * 62.2 * 35.4 ″ Inches
Color: Available are 8 colors

  • Black
  • Caramel
  • Chestnut
  • Denim
  • Grey Weave
  • Heritage Green
  • Linen
  • Storm Grey

Summary: You can purchase this living room sofaset without any worries. This sofa will provide enough seats for you and your family members.This living room sofa set is effective for any type of home.

7. Poundex Upholstered Living Room Sectional Sofas

Poundex Sectional sofa is one of the best cheap living room sets I have ever seen at under $300. However, I think it will be one of the best sofa sets for your living room.

Poundex Upholstered Living Room Sectional Sofas

The position of this sofa set is at the top for durability, high-quality materials, and comfort. You can move the arm of the sofa from one side to another side, likewise with the chaise of the sectional sofa.

Product Highlight:

The seats are filled with foam and the seat cushions of the sofa are filled with internal springs, which is making the sofa very comfortable and strong.

Poundex sofa sets use very high-quality linen-like fabric. The seam strength, wearability, and beauty of this fabric are very high quality.

It has a loose back pillow and the number of seats is three. Under $300, This living room set allows the reversible design of the sofa to set up the chaise on the right or left configuration.

The L / R Poundex sofa set dimension is 84 x 34 x 35 inches and the dimensions of the sofa are 70 x 34 x 35 inches. It has an interesting ottoman and the dimension of the ottoman is 35 x 24 x 19H inches.

You can place the Ottoman as you wish and also use this beautiful matching ottoman as an extra seat if you wish. The seat depth of the reversible Poundex sofa is 21 inches.

Poundex sofa works perfectly in any size of the living room or apartment in classic style or contemporary. All colors look very beautiful and attractive. You can purchase this sofa set without any worries.


  • Sofa: 70 x 34 x 35 inches
  • Ottoman: 35 x 24 x 19 inches

Weight Capacity:

203 pounds.

Colors: Available in 4 colors

  • Sand
  • Gray
  • Teal
  • Chocolate


We would highly recommend you to purchase this cheap living room set for your living room. When the sofa is assembled, the height is 35 inches, the width is 35 inches and the length is 76 inches.

8. Poundex Living Room Sets with Ottoman

Poundex Upholstered sectional sofa set with ottoman will provide a very comfortable sitting area for everyone and a convenient storage station. Its clean-lined design and gray overall color make it fit for a modern decor perfectly.

Poundex living room sets under 300

Particularly, If you want a decent sectional sofa for your living room with a spacious seating capacity, then this one will serve you the best.

Poundex Upholstered sectional sofa for living room is wrapped in solid linen-like fabric that can prevent children and pets together.

The classic style will be all tunes between friends and family. This sofa is very comfortable. The important feature of these living room sets is that pillow covers and cushions can be easily moved to maintain the beauty of the couch.

There is velcro on the back so you can keep it convenient. For under $300, it is the best for any of the living rooms.

It is available in 3 colors. You can select the color of your choice. These sectionals are easy to assemble and offer the connector to hold three pieces firmly. Another interesting feature of it’s the chaise lounge is reversible.

Product details:

  • Durability and comfort.
  • Seat cushion filled with high-quality foam and innerspring.
  • Seating capacity is 3 and loses back pillow.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • All tools are included with the sofa.
  • linen like for seam strength, wearability, and beauty.
  • 3-piece sectional sofa with a matching ottoman.
  • Perfect size for room or apartment.
  • The couch is sturdy and looks great.
  • The fabric is very modern and seems durable.

Colors: 3-colors are available.

  • Chocolate
  • Grey
  • Sand

Material: Fabric.

Dimension: 105″*76″*35″ Inches

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9. Novogratz Sectional Sleeper Sofa

Are you looking for any living room sofa sets under $300 that can be easily Converted from Sofa and Chaise Lounger to Bed? Then this Novogratz Brittany Company Sectional sleeper futon Sofa is for you.

Novogratz living room sleeper sofa set

This Living Room Futon Sofa is the latest addition to the Novogratz Britney Company and it is High quality linen upholstery with ribbed tufted back cushion.

The modern design of this sofa will touch your heart. This sleeper sofa is very easy to assemble and its frame is made of very hard wood so the sofa is very hard and durable.

Novogratz living room set under $300

This futon is available in blue, gray and green linen in 3 colors and each color futon sofa set is suitable for the living room.

It is one of the best-selling sofas in the Novograj company. 95% of customers commented positively on this Futon sofa. They are all very happy to get this sofa.

This sofa is suitable for all types of small, large and medium sized rooms. The futon sectional sofa seat is made of very high quality linen fabric.

The seat is very comfortable so you will not feel any pain in your body even if you are sitting in this futon continuously.

Product Features:

  • The frame is made of very hard durable wood.
  • Sofa and chaise lounge can be easily converted into a bed.
  • Chaise allows the sofa to be placed on either side.
  • The sofa is designed in such a way that the pet of your choice can sit on the sofa like you and enjoy the comfort and protection.
  • Fabric is stain and water-resistant. As a result, you don’t have to worry about drowning.
  • Sofa dimensions are 88 “x 55.5” x 31.5 “inches.
  • Bed dimensions: 88 “x 66” x 31.5 “inches.
  • Dimensions of chaise lounge: 55.5 “x 25” x 31.5 “inches.
  • The weight limit of the Futon Sectional Sofa is 600 lbs.
  • The sofa can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth.
  • The price of this sectional futon set is comparatively cheaper than the sofa quality.

Color: Blue, Gray and Green, 3 colors are available.

Material: High Quality linen Fabric and hardwood frame.

Summary: We would highly recommend you to purchase this Futon Sectional Sofa Set for your living room as this sofa set is made with very high-quality materials.

With the purchase of this sofa, you will get a 1-year warranty with 30 days guarantee. The versatility of the sofa is really great and its comfortable feel will impress you.

10. Divano Roma Furniture Living Room Sectional Sofa Set

Divano Roma living room furniture Set under 300 dollars can be a surprise for your living room. It is perfect for all sizes of living space. The set includes one chair and sofa with a very plush flannel upholstery and dazzling chrome legs.

Divano Roma Furniture Living Room Sectional Sofa Set

This sofa design is perfect for the living space. Each part of this sofa is made with very high-quality materials which are very strong and durable. The seat of this sofa is very soft which will give you a comfortable feeling.

With everyone in your family, friends provide enough space to sit down with friends and guests to watch stories or watch TV. The springs under this sofa seat are quite strong. Another feature of this sofa is that you can customize the pillow as you like.

The sofa is available in 5 colors, each color of the sectional sofa is very beautiful to look at which is able to enhance the beauty of the living space. This sectional is made of soft microfiber upholstery, hardwood frame, and aluminum detachable legs.

This Divano Roma sectional sofa is beautiful and comfortable to look at. Very easy to assemble and exactly it looks the same as the picture and the price are under $300 Which is fairly cheap compared to the quality of the sectionals.

Summary: This versatile sectional sofa couch will make decorating effortless and is a good addition to any living space.

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How to Choose the Best Living Room Sets under $300 at Cheap price and What to Consider?

Here are some of the important features that you should keep in mind when purchasing living room sets at a cheap price.

Size of living room sets:

First of all, imagine in your mind the depth of your living room, i.e. where you are planning to place the sofa, and see what size sofa set (small, large, medium) will fit your living space well.

Two large and small living room sets are available in the current market at affordable prices, but never decide to purchase these two at random.

And if the size of the living space is large, then a large sofa set and a small size sofa set will fit very well.

Again if the area of ​​your living room is small then the large-size sofa set there will look very awkward.

For small spaces, you can select medium or small-size sofas which will make your living room very beautiful and attractive.

If you can’t estimate the area of ​​your living room with the image in mind, you can also measure the area of ​​your living room before buying a living room sofa set.

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Shape of Living Room Sets :

Living room sets are available in a few shapes in the current market. Most of these sofa sets display U- or L-shaped.

These two types of sofas fit very well in the living room. However, in your eyes, which can make your living space more beautiful and attractive.

You should buy a sofa set that will touch your radiance in the beauty of the sofa after setting it up in your living room.

L-shaped living room sofa sets usually always provide more flexibility of layout.

However, U-shaped living room sofas are usually very useful for families with more members or for more guests. In other words, those who need more seats later.

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Elements Of Living Room Sets :

You can see different living room sets made of different materials in the current market. Most living room sofas frame made of solid wood.

Most sofas are filled with foam on the inside and the outside is covered with plain leather or linen-like fabric.

However, no matter which sofa set you buy from leather or fabric, make sure that it is 100% burnt.

However, both fabric and leather materials are soft, durable, strong, comfortable, and easy to clean.

Living Room Sets Additional Features:

If you have small babies and pets in your home, armored living room sofas will be good because small babies and pets will not be likely to go down the sofa later.

Armless sofa sets tend to be more comfortable. If there is a matching storage ottoman with the living room sofas, then the beauty of the living room is enhanced a lot more.

However, it comes with a reverse rush with most sofa sets that you can use as an ottoman if you want. The beauty of your living room will depend on the living room decorating ideas.


Living room sets are an easy way to ensure the coordination of all the furniture in your home. Selected all living room sets under $300 are made of hardwood frames and high-quality fabric.

You can purchase for your living room without any hesitation. I hope you will find the best one for your living room in my reviews. Happy shopping, and enjoy the couch.